Euthanasia Policy

Paws & Claws Adoptions Incorporated is an entirely not-for-profit, volunteer run rescue & rehoming service. One of its primary intentions is to assist in reducing the number of unwanted animals flowing into pounds and being euthanased.

Paws & Claws Adoptions does not refer to itself a “No Kill” rescue because this is a misleading statement. There are times when euthanasia may be recommended by a qualified vet as being in the best interests of the animal. Paws & Claws Adoptions will always consider each case on an individual basis before making a decision.

Paws and Claws will only euthanase animals under the following circumstances.

  1. Where the animal is suffering from an extreme or incurable illness and/or where the ongoing quality of life will be compromised.
    1. This decision will only be made in consultation with a qualified veterinarian
  2. Where an animal poses a danger to humans or other animals is unlikely to be rehabilitated.
    1. This decision will only be made on the receipt of a written assessment report from a qualified behaviourist.
  3.  In the case of pregnant mothers, termination of unborn litters will only be considered on veterinary advice and after consideration of the following factors:
    1. How far along the pregnancy is
    1. The mother’s age
    1. Whether carrying to term place the mother at risk

Treatable medical conditions

Paws & Claws Adoptions will form a sub-committee with a minimum of three committee members to assess all available information and consider options for cases where urgent or ongoing medical services are required and where the cost is estimated to exceed $1200 and/or may threaten the rescue’s viability and therefore its ability to provide for the animals already in care.

Fundraising for non-urgent services over $600 will always be explored as an option by the organisation.

2018-06-27 Paws and Claws Euthanasia Policy.pdf